MTECHTIPS BASSMETAL PACK Commodity Market BASSMETAL PACK The product especially designed for traders only trade in BASE METALS COPPER , ZINC , LEAD , NICKEL , ALUMINIUM . Intraday calls provide with 80%-85% accuracy Daily 1-3 calls with Proper Target & Stoploss & Earn Daily 10000/- ABOVE by trading in 1 LOT TRADING Capital required to trade in this pack is Rs ,50,000-1,00,000. CHARGES: 5000 MONTHLY CHARGES 13500 QUATERLY CHARGES 21000 HALF YEARLY CHARGES Service Features: • 2-3 intra-day Calls will Be Given Per day. • Expected Returns Rs 1,00,000+ ABOVE Pm. • We assure you 80-85% accuracy in this plan on consistent basis . • EVERY CALLS TRADING IS COMPULSOURY. • Risk Reward Ration is 1:2 (Stop Loss: Targets) small stoploss and long target calls. • 100% Calls are intraday only. • Calls will be given Based on Economic News, Technical Analysis, and Fundamental Analysis. • Live market Tips Given through Messenger & Sms on Mobile. • Telephonic / Messenger Support will Be Given From 9:45 AM To 11:30 Pm (Monday to Friday). • We Give Commodity Market New, Economic News and Its Impact on market. Calls Pattern: MCX ZINC BUY 150-150.20 STOPLOSS 149 TGT 152 TGT 153.50 1ST-FOLLOW UP: MCX ZINC BUY CALL HIGH HIT 151.50 PROFIT BOOK SL AT COST ( Depend on market moment) 2ND-FOLLOW UP:MCX ZINC BUY CALL 1ST TGT MATCH 152 1LOT PROFIT BOOK 10000/- SL AT COST 3RD-FOLLOW UP:MCX ZINC BUY CALL ALL TGT MATCH 153 1LOT PROFIT BOOK 15000/- WWW.MTECHTIPS.COM 07489294118-119
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